Super Maxi Jib

The Super Maxi-Jib is a lightweight portable camera arm, comprising of several duralumin sections, which creates the ability to build this arm in different lengths from 1,5 meters/5 ft to 4,65meters/14 ft. The stabilizing bars are integrated inside the arm which gives you the ability to position the camera in very narrow spaces.



Maxi Jib 150

Operational lenght2.660 m
Arm reach1.50 m
Max platform height2.66 m
Max platform load100 kg

Maxi Jib 200

Operational lenght3.80 m
Arm reach2.00 m
Max height3.10 m
Max load85 kg

Maxi Jib 250

Operational lenght4.30 m
Arm reach2.50 m
Max height3.52 m
Max load70 kg

Maxi Jib 300

Operational lenght4.80 m
Arm reach3.00 m
Max height3.66 m
Max load54 kg

Maxi Jib 360

Operational lenght5.40 m
Arm reach3.60 m
Max height4.10 m
Max load45 kg

Maxi Jib 410

Operational lenght5.90 m
Arm reach4.10 m
Max height4.52 m
Max load40 kg

Maxi Jib 460

Operational lenght6.40 m
Arm reach4.60 m
Max height4.96 m
Max load35 kg

In combination with tripod, or any kind of dolly

Super Maxi Jib