Foxy Advanced Platform

The Foxy advanced crane made by Panther can go in platform modus up to 7,3 meters arm reach. You can build other lengths shown in the discpripiont below.



Foxy 1

Operational lenght5.25 m
Arm reach2.80 m
Max platform height3.90 m
Max platform load250 kg
Number of persons2

Foxy 2

Operational lenght6.75 m
Arm reach4.30 m
Max platform height5.10 m
Max platform load140 kg
Number of persons2

Foxy 3

Operational lenght8.25 m
Arm reach5.80 m
Max platform height6.30 m
Max platform load230 kg
Number of persons2

Foxy 4

Operational lenght9.75 m
Arm reach7.30 m
Max platform height7.50 m
Max platform load155 kg
Number of persons2

In combination with dollies

  • Compact Base (CRAB): studio wheels & track wheels
  • Foxy Base: pneumatic tires & track wheels
  • Mammoth Base: all territories
Foxy Advanced Platform