Mo-Sys L40

The Mo-Sys L40 remote head is a precise and lightweight, 2-axis remote head with zero backlash.

Its robust and powerful motors allow for rapid movement with even the heaviest payloads, making it ideal for high-end cinematography. The L40 accommodates a broad range of choices of camera and lens combinations. The remote head weighs 40 pounds and can support a max camera and lens payload over twice its weight, at 88 pounds.

The L40 has the same precision, and intuitive user interface as the Mo-Sys Lambda, just with stronger (and quieter) motors. With its digital backpan, the L40 is a great economical option for standard crane work.

Camera operators love the zero delay and zero backlash that allows for natural feeling replication of camera movements. The L40 is often used to make the combined camera and crane movements easier. An example of this is swinging a crane through an arc while simultaneously ensuring the camera is facing the plane of action from the start to the end of the arc movement.

The Mo-Sys L40 features is fast and easy to setup, with little technical knowledge. This means that a Camera Operator can set up and use it and doesn’t require a remote head technician on set. The pan and tilt options of the L-40 can be controlled by the pan-bar, handwheels, or joystick using a touch panel or a button console.

Also available with  3-ax.